Native Turns One!

Native Turns One!

One Year Anniversary,
Native's First Year – By the Numbers

One Year! And what a first year it was.

When we launched Native last summer, if felt like we hit the ground running at full speed and the pace never let up. From refreshing past projects, to new brands and identity systems, to fully developed CMS websites, our workflow averaged just over ten projects per month.

To celebrate (and recover) we took some time to hit the beach and hike the Sierras. While resting up in California, we were finally able to catch our breath and reflect on the blur that was the last twelve months.

Here’s the short list…

Phew! Sounds fun, right?! Plus, Native was also the recipient of several awards from Graphic Design USA’s 2015 Health & Wellness Awards. We’re so happy to bring award-winning work to our clients.

Here’s who won:

Our new clients came from all over, meaning Laurel and I put down some serious ground and sky miles. Over the Spring, I worked with clients in parts of West Virginia that I hadn’t been to (this state is small on the map, but huge in geography and big in my heart), as well as meeting with new clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Plus, we did great work in California, Chicago, Washington DC, North Carolina, and New York too.

Year One was immensely rewarding. We welcomed a diverse range of new clients – from local business owners looking for a fresh identity, to helping the first of it’s kind on the east coast cancer treatment center develop communication strategies and tools for its doctors and patients.

We’re so thankful for how great our first year was, and we’re really fired up for the year ahead. In the first week we got back to the office, we’ve connected with three new businesses, and are revving up to work with them. We can’t wait to share the results with you.


What do you want to create together? We’re fired up and itching to help your brand thrive during our next year! Let’s do this!

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